Day 2

Water, water and again Water!!

The second day here in Delft was more exciting than the first one.
During the first part of lesson some “growing solutions” have been presented by the professor.It has been productive learning how through different type of plants we can extract medicines, or also using in the field of building, or of energy.

During the second part of the class we attended to a lecture about the , and it was very amazing also thanks for the precious help of the Professor John Videler who explained us how to learn from nature.

The lecture has continued with the formation of work group then we started to discuss by using , from my point of view, a very efficient way: the professor give to each of us a white paper in which everybody had to write down a personal solution about the topic still assigned (in my case the topic was the water). It was very productive to can share different points of view in order to have an overview of each theme.

Finally we started to work in different team, divided about the topic. Here it was very amazing to start sharing information about our different field of study and to try to focus our experience into a narrow argument.