Day one

The first day started with a tour around the campus. The TU Delft has very impressive building and offers what I think is a nice student environment.
Later on we got introduced to the Importance of presence and witnessing: designing for a shared future. In the beginning I was a little confused since I expected a more technical approach. This has also to do with the assignment I expected to be slightly different. After a while the importance of humanistic-orientated approach became more clear. As an engineer design is not only about the object itself but also the (social) environment it will be part of.
The lecture about sustainable Approaches on Biobased Engineering gave me a better insight of what Biomimicry is about, but also made me thinking of how we could apply bionics into our own project.
At this moment I’m still not fully sure what to expect from the next days, but I sure it’s going to be challenging and interesting in any way. I’m curious how the team-work will evolve and what the next days will have to offer. The assignment is slightly different as I expected, so I really interested in what our team is going to come up with.