Day 02

1 kg di cera 79000 celle 66000ore di lavoro 22kg di miele
Crac crac – bzz bzz

Today we’ve audited to an interesting and high scientific lecture about nature and its particular way to organize itself. But the question is: how can we take an advantage of it? The professor talked us about the clear ruled world of bees, how they build their hive and how they are unconscious of their great engineeristic skills; and frogs, bats and their acoustic abilities. In my opinion, the message is to take the precise organizing method of nature world as a suggest or inspiration to work and design.
According to that, we’ve started to work and briefing about the aim of the course, collecting a lot of different points of view about how nature could help us to designing a sustainable building for TU Delft. I think that this is a very interesting experience because of the opportunity to mix my ideas (due to my cultural formation) with those of someone else (with another background). Following this consideration, I really liked to brief with a few guys to explain our own thoughts about energy, food and waste and so on…
At last, this has been a good day!