Functional analysis - comfort

Comfort means being able to provide a convenient, tunable, stimulating, intimate as well as communicating and proper micro-climate conditions.

The inside of the building must be convenient in the sense that it is essential to think about the arrangement of the rooms and the connections between them so as to ease everyday chores and activities. We must also be able to easily change each room purpose and tune it so to adapt it to what we need. Moreover, we don’t want the building to be too cozy but instead stimulate the students to work rather than feel sleepy. That’s why by just visual aids, the interior design must be able to give students the impression that Biology is awesome. This is achieved by the colors and material that will be used as well as by the lighting of the rooms. An interactive and inconstant inside would also motivate students. Proper micro-climate within the structure are also essential to make people feel more welcome and comfortable. For achieving this goal with lesser energy, we looked at the termites super structures for inspiration. The building should also communicate by itself so that the inside is more people friendly and have proper elements to guide them to their destination.

Rommel , James Shirley