Architectural Inspirations

A few of the buildings which inspired our design

To create a bio-building we were inspired by one of the best eco-building architecture which have been built in the last few years: the California Academy of Sciences by Renzo Piano.
This project is one of the ten pilot “green building” projects of the San Francisco Department of Environment and collects a lot of eco-friendly processes:

- the structure is completely covered with grass and natural fibers, that will provide a great thermal insulation for the building and also serves as natural habitat for native species of animals and plants;
- the shape of the roof follows a sinous line that allows the natural ventilation in the surrounding environments;
- the spherical windows allow natural light to enter and reflect infrared;
- a ventilation allows cool air from the outside to enter the building and to release the indoor air outside.

The building is in a perfect symbiotic relationship with the enviroment, it established a total collaboration with the nature.
Another building that caught our attention in the Paul Klee Zentrum by Renzo Piano, located in Bern; the shape represents a big wave escaping from the ground, it seems that the ground is rises to host people. The inner curves of those waves inspired us to recover easily rainwater.

Maccagni , James Shirley