YUTPA improves eco-message (first version)

An analysis of the current eco-message thanks to YUTPA and how YUTPA gives us tips to improve it.

Nowadays, everybody is speaking about ecology. However a lot of people don’t do anything to be more ecofriendly. Maybe it is because they are not asked in the right way.
Currently the ecological message looks like:

You/Not you
Communion : 0/10
People do not really feel any kind of communion with this topic. They are not directly related to this issue in time and space.
Engagement: 0/10
Who really care if you are committed or not? Nobody knows! And engagement implies effort while everyone is lazy.
Reputation: 0/10
As I said nobody knows and if you want to use it for your reputation you nearly have to be a hippy.
Role: 0/10
There is no direct consequence if you don’t act. You are just struggling to avoid chaos. You are not seeing any kind of improvements. So why would you bother you recycling?

Here/Not here
Body sense: 0/10
You do not feel anything special…
Emotional space: 0/10
Nothing in particular except maybe depression because they are always saying that we are doing wrong!
Environmental impact: 0/10
It is supposed to have a really important impact on the environment but not now, maybe in 20 years.
Situated agency: ?/10

Do/Not Do
You have no freedom to tune anything. You just have to apply the rules!
Reciprocity: 0/10
None! You are recycling but nobody will congratulate you.
Negotiation: 0/10
No place for negotiation… There are rules !
Quality of deeds: 0/10
You are always acting wrong whatever you are trying to do…

Now/Not now
Duration of the engagement: 0/10 (the longer it is the harder it will be)
For your entire life, you will have to respect the rules given by scientists… I am sure you were dreaming about it!
Integrating rhythm: 0/10
iIt is now and as soon as possible! They just do not care about the time you need to adapt.
Synchronizing performance: 0/10
Everyone is trying to find his own brilliant answer without communicating with the others.
Making moments to signify: 0/10
Great meetings are only made to criticize and to add rules… So funny!

And at the end of this analysis we have a beautiful: NOT ME, NOT HERE, NOT DO, NOT NOW which fits with our current situation. Now what we can improve with our social solutions which are:

*a counting points system with regular challenges and the winner improves his reputation thanks to public announcements and advantages
*Student associations contest to imply communities
*a discount linked to what you recycle (a can gives a discount for your next can)
*Making furniture or sculptures out of waste during contests or just for fun !

You/Not you
Communion : 10/10
People are living in the project as they are living with Facebook.
Engagement: 10/10
Everyone want to have discounts and especially if it makes you famous.
Reputation: 10/10
Your reputation is linked to how you are recycling! And everyone knows it.
Role: 10/10
You are creating your image as you are recycling!

Here/Not here
Body sense: 10/10
You feel good because you are secreting endorphins.
Emotional space: 10/10
You feel definitely good because you know you are doing something and you are rewarded for it!
Environmental impact: 10/10
The impact is immediate. You are efficiently helping Nature and your environment is congratulating you for it!
Situated agency: ? /10

Do/Not Do
Tuning: 10/10
You can change wastes into whatever you decided with your friends!
Reciprocity: 10/10
The environment, the devices and your friends are congratulating you about how awesome you are for recycling.
Negotiation: 10/10
If you need something just talk about it!
Quality of deeds: 10/10
Everything you do is both good for Nature and for you, how could it be better? :)

Now/Not now
Duration of the engagement: 10/10
As long as previously but you are now having fun ;)
Integrating rhythm: 10/10
Everybody follows its own path but the eco-friends will have more points than you if it takes you too long to react.
Synchronizing performance: 10/10
It is now both a work team and a personal work.
Making moments to signify: 10/10
You can make as many price distributions as you want to make people realize how they have done a great job.

And thanks to our solutions you have what you want: ME, HERE, DO, NOW! And thanks to this, people will start recycling and save the Earth!