How much water do we need ?

To begin at the begining, we had to know the volume of water we will daily use in our new faculty building ?

First, we would like to have some figures on the amount of water we must gather, purify, deliver in the whole building and that is why we want to begin with a short evaluation of the quantity of water which is daily used. A paper written by Ron George (president of Plumb-Tech Design and Consulting Services LLC in Monroe, MI) “Estimating Cold Water Demand for Buildings” helped us to evaluate the volume of water consumed in the building per day.

Given this new information, we calculate that a building designed for 1 000 students and members of staff will daily need about 130 000 liters of water per day, including 15 000 liters of purified drinkable water for the kitchens. This figure was calculated taking into account an ordinary water consumption of 95 liters per day for non-resident student and the extra need of labs, kitchens, gardeners…