Of Nature and New construction materials

Plastics. Metals and Glassware often dumped in trash, can often be processed to be excellent isolators and construction materials. In this way, they provide the logistics for future use as well sustainably

As Nature does, we would like to use food and nature in a circle, which can bring things from food to waste and vice versa. Now, we are thinking about “food” as building’s food, as a resource created by waste itself. Let’s us thinking about how many bottles of water (or any other drink) have been used and waste every day: we could collect and recycle them, creating new construction materials, such as insulating shelter (PET insulation system).
This particular point of view can be expanded to the whole building process:
- Use of metal structure, which could be provided by human waste or those from another building process; it represents in itself, a way to recycle things and parts, because in these kind of constructions it’s possible to change some parts of the building which don’t work anymore, without touching the hole structure and recycling them for another aim. Our very own modular construction process like that of a starfish.
- Use new technology based on waste cold or hot water to condition the temperature and the humidity inside the building (such as green roof, or waste water and air conditioned system).
So, this topic is well-linked to those of water and energy in a building design, our way to respect the environment.