Solar Water Plant - (Still & Pump)

If we could copy nature's design and collect the evaporating water, we could have pure water from marshy or even contaminated soils.

As you can see, the first model of solar water plant of Stephen Salter consists of four parts: the fibre drain the water from soil as the root,the tubes transport as the tree trunk,distiller vaporize the water and release the water as the leaf ,and the container outside the distiller collect the steam and gathering them into the water tanks below. That is quite a way to mimicry what a tree is doing transpiration. However, in this approach we would need a solar-powered pump and a distiller.
The second model is much more useful as a pre-model of our design because of the big area of the condensing water container and the advantages of better solar energy sourcing situation. We can now consider to make an semi-sphere solar water plant which may be the main structure of our final building. Details need to be discussed.