1.4 Outlines of the future socio-technical sub-system.

It is clear already from our research question and ambitions that we want to create a network of activities to stimulate awareness. The outlines of this network are points of interest (scientific, educational, recreational, etc.) that will be represented as nodes to be connected. Every node of the network is planned to have a unique purpose; a different way of educating children and adults. After the end of the tour around the node, one will have obtained knowledge of future concerns (like sustainability, ecological footprints, green living, etc.).

Through such a strategy, we are creating awareness for a gradual convertion towards sustainability and in the meanwhile, the island will be widely known as “The sustainable island of Wadden sea”. Tourists will visit Texel to learn and integrate to this new way of living. The activities may create a ‘path of knowledge’, like a treasure hunt where the treasure is the knowledge.

Thalia , Dennis , Stefan H

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