3.6_b How tourists and Texelaars will be like, after the implementation of our proposal?

Every new program has its receivers, which are some of the actors. In our case the actors are the players of a 'game' (the game of sustainability) that includes different activities and areas on Texel, which are all connected and related with each other. The game can be directly experienced through e.g. the proposed sustainable route, which aims at giving information to the participants about sustainability in a playful way. It is like a treasure hunt, in which the treasure is the knowledge. It can also be indirectly experienced through the schools’ activities, the museum visits etc. Even the different companies can participate in the ‘game’ of who will collect the best label of sustainability from the department according to their behavior and activities.

After the implementation of our proposal, e.g. in 2065, we believe that the new program will have been completely integrated with the everyday life and culture of local people. The businesses would have started making changes in their behavior, buildings and activities as well as the inhabitants to their houses. The children have already started understanding the meaning of the environment and its protection and this will be even more developed. These aspects are going to be parts of their everyday life.

On the other hand, the sustainable route and the center of innovation are addressed to both Texelaars and tourists. Texelaars can of course visit and participate in all activities, but most important for them is the positive effect on the local economy, the creation of new working places and the fame that their island will gain with these unique selling points. For the tourists, we create a funny and playful complex of activities and education. Their stay on the island will be much more interesting and all these diverse actions will be a good reason to visit Texel in the first place.

Changes may take place as the years go by in order to achieve the best result and integration with the landscape and local behavior. Of course that is something that works in favor of our program, because we need the feedback from the people, the players, to improve and develop further Texel’s character.

So, let’s get the game started…!!

Thalia , Dennis , Stefan H

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