We're finally here! On Texel! I remember when I applied for this course in early September, and read that the course included a field trip of one week. I was so happy to take a course where we were doing something else than listening to lectures in collegezaal F in the civil engineering faculty for eight weeks to then write an exam. I love the idea of working with a project and actually going to the site of the research for some hands-on activities. To be connected with reality and leave the happy bubble at TU Delft for some time, and try our designs in the outside world. When I learned that we where going to Texel I had absolutely no idea what that was. A city? A country? No clue. But I couldn't be more exited. 

This week has been eventful in many ways. Not a single moment has been boring, and I've learned a lot about dutch culture. And about Texel. It is a beautiful, stormy and quiet place where people are full with ideas and motivation. Maybe everyone is not willing to change, but that is the case everywhere, right? I hope the we've brought some new ideas or new ways of thinking about sustainability to this island. Because we all need change, even if it sometimes feels uncomfortable. 

I will be sad to get on the ferry tomorrow heading back to the mainland. Sad to leave this amazing group of people since we get along so well considering all our different viewpoints and backgrounds. Sad to leave all the sheep and the crazy weather. Texel, you're in my heart forever! 

Klara Bergman

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