5. Final Proposal

Our solution will be a mobile application. It will be a digital map and all the different themed bicycle routes are in there, like the Lammetjesroute, the Jan Wolkersroute. So people don’t have to buy all the different routes anymore and can choose on the day itself which route they feel like doing. The tourist information is already planning to get rid of the paper vouchers and make it digital, so this idea resonates. In the year statistics of 2013 it appears that 86 percent of the visitors has been before on the island and 70 percent claims that they will come back for sure. So Texel is a place where people come regularly, they will keep the app on the phone and the next time could start cycling again without having to go to the tourist information. Whichever route they choose, the tourists will follow the route via their smartphone and along the way there will appear dots on their screen which means a restaurant, farm, shop or other place with local products. When people click on the dot they will get a small informative screen with in the case of a farmer shows the companies he delivers his cheese to.

There could appear a small video where the farmer explains how he treats his sheep. The other way around the cyclist can click on the button of a restaurant and will get information about the opening hours and see the connections with all the farmers he gets his products from. Also the videos of the farmers will appear again, so that people can see where the cheese came from they just ate and how the cows are treated, maybe they will decide to visit the farmer or find a place where they can buy the cheese themselves.

The goal is to make tourists aware of all the local food chains, show them how beautiful it is to use local products and show how satisfying it is to eat so pure. They will get more feeling with the products, products of the season, and differences in taste. This knowledge, feeling and awareness they will take with them to their normal everyday lives and be more aware of what they buy in the supermarket.