Trying to solve tha problem of waste...

Our first approach to solve the city's waste managment problem...

Our first thoughts were focused on the way that trush will be located in each house and furthermore how they will be transfered to the recycle plant. After lot of consideration we end up with two gathering solutions:
The first solution is that trush has to be collected in every building seperately in the first place and then in a container. There will be containers in every neibourhood. What is interesting about this solution is that enery resident will have to seperate its own trush, distinguish recyclable matterials from the non- recyclable. Then, as far as the new buildings are concerned, there will be some kind of verticall tubes conected with all the appartements in the building,who end in the containers. In this way trush will be collected in several containers without causing difficult to the residents.
In the same solution, as far as the old buildings are concerned, we can hire a jenitor. This person will be in charge of collecting the trush from every appartment and then transfer them in the containers. This will happen because in old buildings there may not be enough space to constract tubes to transfer the trush.
Waste collection will take place during the night hours so that city;s traffic won't cause any problems. Also containers will be taken on the streets only after 8pm, when streets are not so crowded.
Our second solution is to replace bins and containers with big underground holes (about 4-5m depth) that can contain trush and keep them hidden and protected from the heat. There will be special vehicles that will be equipped with a construction similar to a vacuum cleaner that can take the trush out of the holes. This holes will also be covered so that the waste will remain protected.
To sum up, we could even combine these two solutions for the best outcome. Our design is still under discussion.

Georgia Sismani