How to make Waste Design more decentralised.

After the presentation we decided to make our design more decentralised, to fit in the Smart Grid philosophy.

After our presentation we discussed some ideas with the group. All the observations were really healpfull for us.
One weak part of our original design was that it was not much decantralised because people of the city had only to seperate their trush. That was all the responsibility they had. At first we thought that this will be helpful, because they want have to spent time worring about the waste. Moreover, recycling procedures take lot of time and equipment and that makes it difficult and expensive to have recycling machines in every residence of the city.
Considering the above, we desided to change somethings in our design. Nevertheless, the design is to be used in the year 2050, at about 40 years from now. That means that we have to keep in mind that technology will have expand and that thinks that nowdays consider to be impossible, will be then common knowledge.... According to this fact, we can assume that recycling procedures will become easier and faster and they could even take place in your own house!

Georgia Sismani , Beatriz Martin de Andres , Collados Carlos