Shelter - Ways to solve the noisy problem

As all you know, the biggest problem here is the drunk people and the noisy coming from the PUB in the night period.

All neighbors who have a family who needs to take care about themselves feel troubled and insecured. They need to take some providence concerning this problem.
So, the solutions presented by the group are:
1- First of all, one representing of the neighborhood can talk to the owner of the PUB concerning about the time of closing. Why doesn’t close it at 21:00? That’s a pacific solution for everyone about this problem.
2- Installing automatic light in the street. Maybe people don’t feel very comfortable with the light in the street and just leave the neighbor.
3- Reinforcing the Security, the association of the neighbors could also hire a private security for the street. Keeping the silence and the harmony in the street, also the security of all, and maybe why not the owner of the PUB pays him?
4- Location, concerning the location, why not the PUB moves out? That’s a drastic measure, but if the pacific ways were all disrespected the neighbors could make a decision and talk to someone superior that have this power to close the PUB obligating it to move out.

Felipe De Lima , Rita Franca , Jesús Lloredo Fernández , Palantas Panagiotis