From a water purifier to a whole water eco-system

After we received some more task we have to fulfill for the other groups, we started to realize we have to offer a multifunctional building.

During our research about how and for what reasons people use water we found out that the biggest amount of water is used for cleaning. At the first day we were talking about classifying water into three levels: cleaning, drinking and flushing.
Thats why we decided not to purify all the water to a drinkable standard and we were thinking about an portable purifying device you can plug in your tap if you want to get drinkable water. This device, we call it a Blubb, is a solution everybody can use individually to save energy and to be responsible of the use of limited resources.
There are already a lot of portable water purifying systems available on our market, so we expect that in 2050 it should not be a problem to realize our idea of the Blubb. This will free us from the need of having to invest enormous amounts of energy in making drinkable water that only gets flushed down the drain.

Franziska Scheuermann