Woidy- Short summery of activity

During the Athens Week at TUD about Presence Design our group is concentrated on the keyword “Play”, in the context of designing an area where children and adults can play and can be entertained.
We also have to take into consideration the following keywords:
You/not You
First we have to find a typical situation and to sum up some problems which are related to it.
Our idea was a "Playground for every age" in a big city like New York. So we came to the following problems:
1. Security/Trust
2. Place
3. Time
4. Entertainment, Activity, Education
5. Interactivity between children and adults

My theme is Entertainment, Activity and Education. First I have to concentrate on two points. One is the relationship and interactivity between children, how to occupy them, and how can they learn things in a playing manner. The second point is the relationship between adults. How can adults be entertained to get to know each other, while their children are playing. So it has a social background and connects people.

Woidy Hammami