Relations in small community

What happens when a group of 50 people leaves a big city full of crisis and find a new place for living?

Young group of people lives in a big city full of crisis and they are not satisfied. Their relations are poor. They have no time for each other. They are disgusted by the society. So they decide to find a new place for living. There are many new tasks and problems to solve.

People know each other so how much of their own private place do they need? Our theme for work is to create good public space when they can meet and spend time together. This new shelter have to react to needs of people.

What they are going to do? They have to work for getting some food. But having fun is also important. So it's necessary for them to looking forward to something they are going to do together and learn how to cooperate.

This group is quite isolated, in the middle of nowhere so they should find a way how to live with nature and increase a relationship with it. Use it but not destroy it.

Relation is a complex question.

Radka Simandlova