YUPTA Analysis

A YUPTA of the current ecological message compared with a YUPTA with our solutions.

Nowadays, everybody is speaking about ecology and however a lot of people are just doing nothing to be more eco-friendly. Maybe they are not asked the right way.
Currently the overall ratings after our analysis look like:

You/Not you===9
Communion : 8/10
People are living in the project as they are living with Facebook.
Engagement: 9/10
Everyone want to have discounts and especially if it makes you famous.
Reputation: 9/10
Your reputation is linked to how you are recycling! And everyone knows it.
Role: 9/10
You are creating your image as you are recycling !

Here/Not here===8
Body sense: 8/10
You feel good because you are secreting endorphins.
Emotional space: 9/10
You feel definitely good because you know you are doing something and you are rewarded for it !
Environmental impact: 9/10
The impact is immediate. You are efficiently helping Nature and your environment is congratulating you for it!
Situated agency: 7/10
It will be something easily understandable between the passionate eco-lovers but will require convincing for the more cynical people.

Do/Not Do===9
Tuning: 9/10
You can change wastes into whatever you decided with your friends!
Reciprocity: 9/10
Both environment, devices and your friends are congratulating you about how awesome you are for recycling.
Negotiation: 8/10
If you need something just talk about it!
Quality of deeds: 10 /10
The fact that we are making the environment better will always be a great feeling of accomplishment.

Now/Not now===9
Duration of the engagement: 8/10
As long as previously but you are now having fun
Integrating rhythm: 9/10
Everybody follow their own path but it will be much better if there are more points else it takes us too long to react.
Synchronizing performance: 9/10
It is now both a work team and a personal work.
Making moments to signify: 9/10

And at the end of this analysis we have a beautiful : NOT ME, NOT HERE, NOT DO, NOT NOW which fits with our current situation. Now what we can improve with our social solutions which are:
*a counting points system with regular challenges and the winner win in reputation thanks to public announcements and advantages
*Student associations contests to imply communities
*a discount linked to what you recycle (a can gives a discount for your next can)
*Making furniture or sculptures out of waste during contests or just for fun !

You can make as many price distributions as you want to make people realize how they have done a great job.
And thanks to our solutions you have what you want: ME, HERE, DO, NOW! And thanks to this people will start recycling and save the Earth!

Dubourget , Boddupalli , Herce , Brunone , De Turck