Day 3 (Wednesday 20, March 2013)

Today was completely devoted to the first early drafts of what the design of the Faculty of Biobased Engineering should be.

Even if I just realized in the morning that I had lost the keycard of my room at Jorplace, I arrived highly motivated at 9am in the classroom. With the team (Andrea, Francesco, Laura and Yiming), we focused on the design of the water system of the building. First challenge of the day: give a short presentation to the other groups about the main functions of our system. I was very pleased to see how the team investigated with a lot of energy and we came up with a rather convincing PowerPoint.

I felt proud of the presentation we made before lunch: it was short, concise and the few figures we calculated caught the attention of the public. Everyone in the group had a few words on the part he investigated on; in my opinion we did not forgot anything. Eventually, we had a lot of questions (6 or 7, I don’t remember), it was the sign that everyone in the room listened and they felt interested in what we said : that is why I am really proud of what we did!

I also liked the presentation of the team working on education. They had the most difficult part, I am afraid, but they made a good analysis of the situation. On the other hand, I did not understand the presentation of the team in charge of the design of the structure. They arrived with a complete sketch of the whole building and a lot of details: in my opinion it was too early to draw such a plan. The main problem is that this sketch influenced everyone in the room and blocked the imagination of some people.

In the afternoon, we had a short talk with the group to divide our subject so that we can investigate side-by-side. I decided to put the stress on the first main function we pointed out, which was gathering water. Once again, I was pleased to see that our team has a good dynamic, everyone looking for information, sharing papers with the other (thanks Laura!), writing articles… In the end of the afternoon, room temperature had risen of a few Celsius degrees because of so much brain activity!

In the end of the day, we had a last “Give and Take” session with the other, in which we explained the dependences and interactions that exists between the different elements we design separately. I was relief to see that other ideas of structure emerged in the groups to make concurrence to the first sketch of the shelter-structure-team. It really gave a fresh start to the design process, because I felt quite limited by the design they “imposed”, and also new directions to investigate.

It was definitely a great day, full of challenges, reflection, team work and because it ended up with a drink, it was even better!