Gathering water

On Wednesday 20, our group made his first presentation about the main functions our water system should have. I personnaly was in charge of the function of collecting water.

Our system must have different main functions, but the first one, which is at the basis, is simply collect water. Indeed, how could students wash their hands, have a lunch or lead some experimentation in a faculty building without water?

A very rough calculus we made, based on the daily consumption of water per Capita in Holland gave us a first idea of the volume of water the structure will need per day. Then, we listed the different sources we can use. Obviously, we could plug our new faculty to an external water delivery system and do exactly the same as animals do: drink water from the sink.

Or, we could try to be cleverer and do as plants do. Looking in the sky and in the soil for the water we need. That is what we proposed: on the one hand, we could collect rainwater with a specific design for the roof and on the other hand, we could drain humidity from the ground with some kind of roots that will also ensure the stability of the structure.

Now, it remains unclear whether these sources of water will be enough to allow the building to be self-sufficient: these are just starting points for further investigations. Above all, we should notice that the gathered water still had to be purified and delivered in the structure