Day 4 (Thursday 21, March 2013)

On the fourth day of this Athens course, we succeded in designing the water system and started to make our presentation.

Today was the last day we could really spend on our project, in so far as tomorrow I will focus on the presentations and do a lot of trainings. Starting at 9am, we worked side-by-side on the different main functions of our water system. I had some difficulties to estimate figures we needed about the harvest of rainwater and spent at lot of time looking for papers and information but in the end I still managed to give some figures.

I realized that I had maybe too little contacts with the other groups as I noticed that Francesco and Andrea made a lot of back and forth with the energy table. Laura too had to exchange with Jon because both were analyzing the treatment of water. At this point, shortly before lunch, I decided to take a tour of the different tables to be more aware of what the other teams were doing. It was very pleasant to have lunch with the others after having work hard for hours.

In the afternoon, we went back to our occupations but we started to elaborate together our next presentation. However, an unexpected but very nice event happened: we lost one hour and a half our work but we won a tour of the botanical garden of the university! We moved to the garden à 2pm, there I saw an impressive number of plants with interesting properties that I did not knew before. I was really amazed of the diversity of what nature can offer, it was both formative and pleasant to have this tour, but it would have be even better if it had taken place earlier in the course, as a main source of inspiration.

Eventually, we had still some time to improve our slides after the tour. Our team was ready; we had a PowerPoint presentation ready. I think we managed to have a good performance: I was not very stressed and I did not have the feeling that the others were too. We did a bit too long though and we knew that we had to revise this before the D-day.

To sum up, we really worked hard and till late today to complete our sketches and upload articles on the website, but it was worth because I feel confident for tomorrow.