Day 1

First day reflexions

First Day
Today we had the first two courses and I was disappointed because we won't have the choice of the topic of the project we will have to do. I imagine that if there is too much choice, it will take at least three days for a group to choose one subject, but I would have liked to pick one subject among five or six. I had different ideas, for example working on the « lotus effect » which was discovered by scientists from my university.
The « lotus effect » is the comprehension of the structure of lotus leaves, which is combined with hydrophobic properties. The consequence of these combination is that a droplet of water doesn't stay at all on the leaf, it rolls out of it and the leaf stays dry. It has a lot of potential applications, like paintings that are a lot easier to wash because the water rolls on it and absorbs the dirt.
So I would have liked to have a little more flexibility on the choice of the subject, but I think we will have the opportunity to do something pleasant for the project aniway.