Day 2

The beginning of the project - Energy

Coux Martin
TU Delft Class TU04 Biomimicry
Second Day
Today we began our group work and I am very glad because we get to work on the management of the energy in our building.
It is a really complicated topic and very tuned in the times and that is what I like. We need to have a global view of the building to understand where and what are the needs in energy of such a building. Furthermore, we need to understand where are the principal losses of energy, how to limit them. Then we will use the tools we have to search solutions to the problems we will encounter, in the nature.
So far what we identified three different criterions that our building needs to respect:
The building needs to “create” some energy to be on the best scenario, self-efficient
The building needs to reduce to the maximum its energy losses
In order to improve the two different aspects, the building needs to be able to store some energy from the outside when there is some disponible, for example to store some heat from the sun rays during the day.
What we can already see is that our subject can't be treated apart from the others since for example the choice of the materials used to limit the losses will depend of the specs imposed by the shelter group.