Second day's summary

Conclusion of my second day

To me, I feel that on the second day, we really enter the world of biomimicry.

At the beginning of today's lecture, we watched a introduction movie about the biomimicry which left me a deep impression.
From the movie, I got to know many different ways human use the nature, such as we use taxol as a kind of anti-cancer drug, we use grass in dessert to prevent flood, we use bamboo as a very strong material and so on. Also, we learned how to edit and upload files to Being Here.

The lecture by Pro. Viderler in the afternoon gave me a lot of inspirations. He used honey bee as example to show us how we human learn and get from nature. From his lecture, I got to know that we learn how to build and store efficiently from the honey tomb, and the tools honey use to build their house. Besides, honey bee also give us much enlightenment in air-conditioning, communication skills and democratic decision. At the second part of the lecture, the professor introduced us the bionics in telecommunication, and this lecture taught us how to learn from nature.

Also, we are finally divided into different groups today. Unfortunately, I was put in the group of educating & communicating, which I think is the most abstract and I am not familiar with. But after the discussion with my group partners, I start to get some ideas on this topic. We mainly proposed three functions, education, social contact and environment. These may be our working baseline in the few days. Also, the professor gave us some precious advice and we will consider it seriously this night. Hope everything goes well tomorow.