Day 2

First ideas on our project

My second day met my expectations !
Finally we had a nice speak on biomimicry: the functionment of the bee community, the way bats and dolphins communicate, etc. The lecturer managed to give a funny and interesting lesson on how we can improve the technology by nature inspiration. This lesson gave us an idea of how we are supposed to think about the design of the building.
Then we have done a brainstorming about ideas on the building. It was a great exercise to begin the design of the building : everybody gaves general ideas which could be used afterwards in the teams or not. After we have found our ideas, we had a glance at the others in order to comment them in a positive way. Finally those pieces of paper were redistribute in the appropriate teams.
Teams have been decided in order to get differents talents: engineers, architects, designers. During the rest of the day we have think about the functions the shelter must provide. We ended with three main functions: protection, making feel ourselves good, integrating the environment. At the very end, we had a beautiful and complete diagram of every function the shelter must meet.