My first impressions on Athens course

Today's happenings were very interesting for me. The trip around the university was exciting, the lectures also, but the most interesting things for me were the conversations with a group of international students. So human contacts, happenings were the most meaningful for me. But here is the place where I should write about the course itself…
The introduction had some surprises for me. It was not exactly what I expected but also not completely different. Today we were mostly listening to lectures, which were very interesting, but in the next days I hope the course to be more interactive.
I really love nature and I was very excited about the lecture about the wiseness of nature.
The presence design lecture was very interesting and also the task about it. The only thing that I felt was a pity, was that we did not have much time for the task.
I was happy about the fact that I was the only Hungarian so I was forced to speak English. This is the way I can improve the most my English. (Or even other languages…)
I really liked the university, the buildings, the athmosphere. I even started to fastasyse about a PhD here...:)
I am looking forward to doing the task, I think I will really enjoy it.