Waste Recycling: Immediate rewards as a solution

Here we introduced solutions that can push people on recycling more.

Recycling is a well known fact. Everyone talks about it but the changes we can actually see are not that tremendous. Why?
The answer is: “We still have time!” people answer. This is the core of this issue. In our world where everything is evolving so quickly, Scientists and Researchers are talking about something that may happen in twenty years or so or maybe not if we try to do something. It seems that if people do something, nothing will go better just less bad. People cannot feel any benefits of recycling!
Our solutions come here. We are offering solutions which bring direct benefits for people. Then, people can feel a direct improvement in their life by recycling. Our solutions are:
• You buy a can. If you recycle it you have a discount for your next one.
• A system of point creating an emulation between students _ the best one receive a price
• We can achieve the same and more through student associations as well.
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