Of Composting and Creating Gardens

What is often dumped without a second thought may veritably be the starting point for something that may actually sustain an entire community. We realized the importance of composting.

Food is an essential and necessary resource for humans. And for that reason, ironically we often take it for granted. If we think carefully, at any time we realize that, many of the things we throw the trash can turn into energy; objects and even after a recycling process in more food. Given all this, we cannot forget that to find solutions to this primary function, there must be an education and a social conscience. Only then can meet our needs in an ecologically and economically, while thinking about the future and the consequences of not going in the right direction.
Thus, for example, from "green" food waste--compost can be generated. After a process of decomposition and recycling, which may be slow, we would create a significant amount of organic material ready for use as a fertilizer and soil amendment. We can use it in community gardens, landscaping, horticulture and agriculture.
Just put some on our side, we can create life from what was initially thought of as dead.

However, we cannot forget that the greatest concern to this solution is not as work, but the issues that may be generated as odor. This is especially important when we think of the process of degradation of organic matter, apart from all the wildlife that will inhabit it. Even so, a well-functioning compost will not generate any kind of smell. The main reason that our compost smells bad is determined by two primary factors: the amount of food and moisture added. We can take certain precautions for this:
If we take care of adding a proportion of about 50% of each type of material provided (varying the % depending on the time of year).
Stir once a week depending on how compacted to see the contents of the compost pit and cut the remains sufficiently to mix the contents easily obtain a good quality compost, very quickly and without generating any odor or incidents that have not provided.