Day 3

Let’s work on it!

On the morning we rushed to prepare a presentation. We were not ready but it still went well. After the presentation we realized that we did not succeed to transmit clearly our message. So we decided to write clearly the main functions we were using on a piece of paper to be able to clarify our message and to look at the website Ask nature.
Then during the afternoon, we wrote down what we were able to provide to other groups and what we requested.

Those two steps which seem very simple took us the whole day because we discussed with other teams and we were at the same time trying to improve our solutions. During this day I had the idea thanks YUTPA that if you want people to do something you need to give them something in return and not only money but also greetings and fame (basically what Nature is doing with the win-win situation of symbiosis). And during the night I wrote the first version of the comparison (with YUPTA) between the current eco-message and the same message improved by our solutions. It was quite fascinating to see how YUTPA explained clearly why people do not feel implicate in recycling. And it was also great to see that just by using simple but well-chosen criteria you were able to find tips to improve greatly a project in a social point of view.
I think at this moment that if I had to keep one thing from this workshop it would be YUTPA. I am a huge fan! :)!