A revolutionary new way of food production and consumption is necessary according to Urgenda

Due to the CO2 Emissions of the argiculture and food production of today, a new revolutionary way of producing and consuming is necessary. Urgenda aims to achieve this.

Our agriculture and food production accounts for over 18% of the total CO2 emissions in the Netherlands. In addition, our western consumption creates numerous pressing issues in many areas. A revolutionary new way of producing and consuming is necessary.

Pressing issues in the field of animal welfare, fair wages for workers, the loss of significant biodiversity or chronic diseases and hunger on the other hand ensure that a revolutionary new way of producing and consuming is necessary. It is, in short, time for the new food. A food system that not only the seven (or perhaps later nine) billion people can feed only once is also persevering seats, this is the ambition of Urgenda.

Urgenda is the organization for sustainability and innovation who wants to make the Netherlands together with businesses, governments, civil society organizations and individuals,  more sustainable.

Urgenda focuses in this transition on

- Transition from animal to vegetable protein
- Short chains between consumer and producer
- Innovative products on the shelf

More information can be found on(Dutch): http://www.urgenda.nl/themas/voedsel/

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