2.1 General Data

The average age of the Texel tourist was in 2010 42.1 years old. One third of these people were

Germans, around two third were Dutch, a big part of them (47%) had a higher education in 2013.

Their main interests are actively enjoying nature, beach eating and drinking, 72 % find the boat trip an important island holiday feeling. People on holidays on Texel mostly come in small groups, in 2010 the average of a group was 2, 9 persons. The most common way to spend the night is sleeping in a bungalow, there are some bungalow parks on the island but most people prefer a separate/individual bungalow. These bungalows are often booked for a week, but some people’s stay is shorter, like a midweek or a weekend, the average duration of a holiday on Texel is about a week, 4, 7 days (2013).

It appears that the tourists are in general very enthusiastic about the island, they valued it with a 8,6 in

2010. This is also visible in the fact that a lot of the visits are return visits, for instance 86 percent of the tourists had been on the island before. 70 percent would definitely go again to the island, and 22 percent most likely. Nevertheless there are some critics and points of improvement, for example some people find the island not multifaceted, with other words, they find the amount of activities not so diverse, and especially they miss covered events/inside activities for moments with bad weather.


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