2.3 Acivities and Facilities

Main cities and tourist attraction points

Fig.1 Main cities and tourist attraction points

Texel position itself as a touristic place. A lot of activities are offered for people coming to the island, such as:

Cycling: there is bicycle hire in most of Texel villages, so it is possible to explore island in a sustainable way. The Texel Tourist Office has different theme cycling routes, like, for example, a lamb cycle route: a 35km long route past the sheep meadows on the island. The accompanying guide is provided together with the package with lots of information about Texel sheep and lambs, the best way to roll a sheep back upright and what the coloured markings on the fleeces mean.

Walking: This is another way to explore the island. TDifferent pathways were made between the meadows which made inaccessible areas available. Moreover, Texel tourism centre offers different walking tours

Events: Many popular events, such as spring lamb week, bird watching day, SunBeats, Culinary Texel, etc. They are held on Texel during the year and are famous for their friendly atmosphere. 

Museums: One of the possibilities is to visit Ecomare-centre for wadden and North Sea. Ecomare is the oldest seal sanctuary in Europe.Others are 'Kaap Skil in Oudeschild, Cultural-historical MuseumAviaton- and Wartimemuseum, Whaler's cottageLocal History MuseumShipwreck and Beachcombing Museum FloraLife of a fishLighthouse;

Excursions: this is a nice and easy way to explore the island. There are different cycing, walking and museum excursions available.

Other activities include: different sport activities, shopping possibilities, art and farm visits, etc.

Source: Texel Tourism Centre




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