The first steps in our design

After taking some knowledge of what biomimicry means and seeing how it is put into practise, we were ready to take the first steps in the design of our project.

The project my group and I are involved in is about a system which produces and obtains food .It is characterized by being self-sufficient,thus it doesn't nothing from its sorrounding, neither energy, which is expected to be obtained by using renewable energy systems.

The project is situated in the north of Spain, in the city of Vigo. The weather in this place is wet, and sunny, and the temperature doesn't have agressive changes during the year, so these conditions are the best for the objectives that we want to reach.

After cosulting some books and webpages, we found one example in nature which were very helpful for us to design our project. It was a snake which prepares its poisson just when it wanted to eat, so it inspired us to design a system which would be able to distribute the food just when it is necessary and as faster as possible.

Nuria Aramburu