How we work: 4 workshops in 2012

Work has now begun in order to prepare the four workshops and experience labs that we will conduct in 2012.

The workshops serve to launch interdisciplinary co-authored papers in preparation for an end-of-year mediated conference. We will be employing our BeingHere testbed as a reflective co-authoring tool to produce such papers. An introduction to each workshop theme will be posted here on the testbed, inviting participants to contribute short texts beforehand. By exploring the metadata keywords of the BeingHere testbed, innovative links between our texts will be generated and created. All those present at each workshop may thus collectively reflect on the potential cross-fertilization of our respective research perspectives.

Workshops will include theoretical discussions relating to cutting edge research perspectives in presence design. One workshop day will be allocated for shared prototyping and collaborative design relating to the development of innovative demonstrators, of interest to our research topic. Guest contributors, designers and partners from the ICT Labs network will be invited to the workshops.

The following workshops will take place in 2012:

March 14-16 Workshop theme PLACE
Organisers: Charlie Gullström, Leif Handberg, Kåre Synnes, Peter Parnes
Location: The ICT Labs Presence Lab, KTH, Stockholm

June 18-20 Workshop theme TIME
Organisers: Caroline Nevejan/Kai Kukkaniemi
Location: Delft/Eindhoven

September 18-20 Workshop theme RELATION
Organisers: Charlie Gullstrom, Leif Handberg, Kåre Synnes, Peter Parnes
Location: The ICT Labs Presence Lab, KTH, Stockholm

November 21-23 Workshop theme ACTION
Organisers: Caroline Nevejan/Martijn Warnier
Location: Delft/Eindhoven
Also planned: A Mediated Conference "SPHERE" organized by Caroline Nevejan/Charlie Gullstrom Locations: Delft+Eindhoven+Stockholm+Luleå

Charlie Gullström