Biology and Engineering - Day 2

Biology and Engineering speak different languages but when brought together, they may prove be the ideal solution to all our problems.

The second day went off to a good start. I managed to make it to the lecture hall earlier than required for the first time. The lecture started off with an interesting video but the computer refused to play the audio. After a battle of wits with the computer, it finally obliged and we were treated with a very interesting video which explained the various sustainability solutions derived from nature. Thus began the Biology lessons for the day. After some more information about, it was time to enjoy a nice hot meal at Aula.

The evening started with an interesting lecture about Bionics by Professor John Videler. We were first introduced to an ‘animal based approach’ where we studied extensively the physical and behavioural aspects of bees. This was the first time I had heard about such detailed studies conducted on bees. It was indeed astonishing when the detailed aspects of their behaviour were revealed. Following this we were introduced to the ‘subject based approach’ which involved, first picking a subject and then studying various organisms which exhibit the chosen subject. In this instance the communication between different organisms and differences they exhibit to individually stand out from the others were studied.

By the end of the day we were ready with the required tools and information to begin designing a Bio-inspired building for the Bio department. Following an interesting brainstorming session about the various aspects of the building that can be inspired by nature, the teams were formed and we were all set to take up this seemingly daunting task. After a whole lot of interesting discussions with the members of the team it was finally time to wrap up for the day. Looking forward to an amazing outcome from tomorrow’s work, I end this note.

James Shirley