Biomimetics - Planning and Design, Day 3

The first day of full fledged planning and designing of the Shelter aspect of the Bio-inspired building.

We started off with a basic set of requirements for our Bio-Inspired building. A crucial requirement to make this design unique is the idea of a synergy between nature and technology.

We see symbiosis in nature, where different species exchange resources to create a mutually beneficial relationship. This was a vision we dreamt of during the formulation of this design. Most technology not only fails to achieve this but also harms the environment around it. Hence we looked to nature itself to provide solutions to most of our problems. The result of this approach was a building which could integrate itself with the ecosystem around it, therefore using nature to provide for its needs without causing damage to the surrounding ecosystem.

Overall, it was an amazing experience to work with a number of groups on something which we have to integrate in the end because it was challenging to start off as individual groups and finally have to bring all the individual ideas together.

James Shirley