YUPTA Analysis

The idea was to design a living building and YUPTA enabled us to do so.

We designed the entire shelter with the main idea that it should not be just a building but be a source of inspiration and creativity to the students and faculty alike. Our YUPTA analysis resulted in the following scores to the different aspects:

You/Not you = 9
Communion :
People should feel more comfortable to get to know each other
Only with a good level of engagement can ideas be shared and this is what leads to great breakthroughs in science.
The building itself must create a good reputation to the faculty
The structure by itself has an important role

Here/Not here = 8
Body sense:
The building should make u feel like u belong
Emotional space:
Without emotions, something can't be called living.
Environmental impact:
When you're in the building you should feel more closer to the environment
Situated agency:
The structure should be able to transform the landscape around it

Do/Not Do 8
Adaptability is important to be sustainable
Give back to the environment
It should communicate with the people inside and outside
Quality of deeds:
The most important part of a sustainable building

Now/Not now 7
Duration of the engagement:
The building should make the person stay longer
Integrating rhythm:
It should be able to integrate itself with the ideas of the people in it.
Synchronizing performance:
2 heads are better than one
Making moments to signify:
Gives something you can think about later in life

Using this analysis we have come up with a design which will stimulate people to stay and work and will also inspire a lot of people to join the Bio faculty.

James Shirley