The first day

Introduction of my first day in TU Delft

I choose this Athens course on Biomimicry because that I want to expand my knowledge and learn something different from electronics.

When I entered TU Delft, I think that this university is a very beautiful university has so many amazing buildings. Later on, we got a lecture about Importance of presence and witnessing: designing for a shared future. At the beginning, I was not fully understand what was the lecture about and I was confused because that I thought this course should be taught in a technical approach. But after this lecture, I realized the information we got from this lecture is really important to engineers.

The lecture about sustainable Approaches on Biobased Engineering gave me a brief introduction of what Biomimicry is about. And it made me to wonder what kind of design we are going to make.

After the 1st day, I'm still not sure what is going on in the next few days. But I do believe that it will be interesting and challenging to me.