Day 3

According to our specific assignment each group have different objectives in mind, but at the end we have to remember that we are working for the same purpose.

Today we began to work in a rough presentation to give our first ideas and concepts for each part of the project. Each group came out with original and good presentations and it was developed a good dynamic where all of us had the chance to comment and point out suggestions for the ideas of the different groups. At the end of the presentation was clear that an integration process must be made, since everything is related, for example: the shelter determines the structure of the building, this structure is important to design the spaces for education and communication, also is relevant to design the collecting water process, to produce energy and to design the waste management.
During the rest of the day we kept working in our designs, and tried to integrate the ideas from the different groups, which is a big challenge, since everyone is thinking in the most efficient design for the aspect they are working on, the final solution should take into account everything and should allow us to reach a natural balance.