Day 4

Just one day for the final presentation and still, so many disagreements within groups regarding the requirements of the structure. A lot of tension during the morning, but thanks to the shelter group by midday all the differences were solved and everybody got what they needed.

A lot of hard work to have the presentation ready for the afternoon, short time to have a light lunch, all the valuable time wasted in discussions could be better expended working in what we really needed to focus on.
After midday we went to the botanic garden. Having this time to distract our minds from the project was a relief, what I enjoy the most from the botanic garden was the beautiful project they have to grow a tree house by forcing the shape of the tree while is growing; it is a long term project, but is already beautiful and I’m sure, in the future it will be amazing.
After the botanic garden we had to focus again in our presentations, finishing the last details to do our first serious practice. All the groups were good, and it seems everything will be ok for tomorrow. What it worry me about my group is the YUTPA graph analysis, since we couldn’t find a way to analyze our design based on this.