Day 4

In our fourth day of Athens, we have strived to come to a conclusion on our designs. An inspiring trip to the botanical garden made this day a complete success.

What a day. I couldn't think of a more freightening way to start the day than colliding with a truck on the highway The Hague - Delft. Luckily, the damage was only minor and we could make it to the campus at a reasonable time (9.30).
The day started with a great idea from Anuraag: he asked me to work around the Indian city of Chandigarh, and more specifically, its famous 'Rock Garden'. Chandigarh is a city that is entirely designed by famous architect Le Corbusier. Almost by chance, I got to visit this city during the past summer months, when backpacking in India with friends. We also visited the Rock Garden and I was delighted that Anuraag brought to my attention what an interesting topic this is with regard to our work here at TU Delft. The Rock Garden is famous because it is an artistic theme park, entirely made of recycled household waste. It was built by one single man back in the fifties in Chandigarh. Fed up with the pollution that plagued his hometown, the man decided to start and build (in secret) an entire artistic garden, featuring waterfalls, currents, many amazing statues and rocks (hence the name). All of the art inside the garden is made from recycled waste, ranging from used power outlets to caps that used to seal beer bottles. His project has been inspiring the world for more than 50 years and draws tourists from all over the world to Chandigarh. It shows that one man alone CAN make the difference, it is not a matter of "why should I take responsibility when we need everyone to make a difference?". This hero clearly showed that every one of us is able to impact society for the better. That's why I decided to build a presentation around this wonderful place, as a part of our bigger team presentation to the group. I put in pictures of the Rock Garden, together with a short introduction describing the place. It fitted very neatly in the whole waste/recycling story we are working on.

De Turck