The host-guest relationship is one of the main factors that influence the social-cultural aspect of tourism. Tis relationship is very important in order to make sustainable transitions possible and establish relationship of trust. According to the Doxey's Irridex Model (Fig.1), suggests that: residents’ attitudes toward tourism may pass through a series of stages from “euphoria,” through “apathy” and “irritation” to “antagonism”, as perceived costs exceed the expected benefits. This model can be related to the model proposed by Butler, where he explains the lifecycle tourism that leads or to decline or to rejuvenation. (Fig.2, 3)



Fig.1 Doxey's Irridex Model


Fig.2 Tourism lifecycle according to Butler



Fig.3 Irritation index table according to Butler and Doxey reseraches


In case of Texel Island it is very important to find out which of these phases has already been reached and what do the local people expect from the tourists. This can be made by interviewing the local people. Now only assumptions can be made according to the data available.

We can conclude that most probably, the tourism industry on Texel Island is in the transition from the development to the consolidation state (Fig.2) Therefore final design of a sustainable transition for Texel Island in terms of our sub-system “Texel as host” has to consider following aspects: routine research to manage and establish the impact of tourism on daily life of local people,  desired and undesired changes on communities, what are the demands of visitors, willingness of community to participate and benefit from tourism, etc. It can be done using the YUTPA-analysis, which we decided to do twice: based on data we have and our assumptions and after making some interviews with local people on the island.  Also the YUTPA-analysis in case of our sub-system topic has to present interests of both tourist and texelaar. The comparison of the results would make it easier for us to understand the potential and give ideas on the final proposal. 

Irina , Yannick

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