The experiences of the second working day

Today's lectures were simply just amazing! I knew a bit about the bees and that they have a very developed communication system and society but not that much. Nature always fascinates me!
Also the lecture of the signal/noise ratio was very interesting, because earlier in my engineering studies we were talking about this topic in a very different way. A lot of noise handling techniques were mentioned today, that I have never heard of.
I really liked that the man who gave the lectures was so enthusiastic about the topics of which he was teaching. The fact that he was actually living the things he was talking about was very inspirational. (I mean he himself has bees, and a garden where he is observing different species and being a biologist is a whole lifestyle for him.) It was also very motivational to see that even a man who has already such a big knowledge about his field is constantly browsing publications, looking for new solutions. (By the way I am looking forward to the day that we are going to visit the botanic garden!)
I have known before some creative idea collecting techniques, but today's brainstorming technique was new for me. For such a big group, I have not known any efficient techniques yet. I really liked it!
I was happy that I could finally get to know my group. The situation that we were there in the room from 5 different countries and fields of studies working together on a project was completely new for me. I think that being a part of such a diversely composed team and working together will improve a lot of my skills. It was a pleasant discovery that the others who come from different fields of studies have knowledge of things that I have never even heard of. But it was also a pleasant discovery that I also could give some information that was new to the team. I think it's an ideal state, when everybody can contribute to the solving of the task.