Day 01

My first impression about this course has been quite good because the subject is very interesting, even if this new method is quite difficult to be understood.

Biomimicry design - first lecture

Firstly, in order to better explain which are my first impressions about this workshop, i'd like to talk about what brings me to subscribe at it.
At the beginnig, while zapping between the numerous courses' programme offered by ATHENS experience, I didn't really know how will Biomimicry be about; I've read the main topics of the course and, also listening to some of my Friends who had already done it, I've thought that it could be interesting to me and my cultural skills because of that new (and never heard by me) method to give solutions to the problem of sostainability.
Then, after the first lecture, i could say that i was right: even if the subject is a little bit hard to understend, I'd like to go deeply inside this themes, biological inner workings of nature cuold be a great solution.